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Live your own experience learning, practicing and competing in the most recognized collegiate system in the world.

We ensure you obtain the best chances for academic and athletic scholarships. We offer personalized advice at no cost. Our service is comprehensive and continuous during the whole process.

With agents overseas and in the United States, we scout student-athletes and help them to fulfill their dreams of going to school and getting a degree through athletics while we provide a critically service to coaches.

If you are a student-athlete, have acceptable academic records, have a positive attitude, possess good character, and are committed to the college recruiting process, this is your time!

1782 athletic programs in all divisions NCAA I, II, III, NAIA and NJCAA
2803 university programs
Sports: tennis, soccer, basketball, golf, volleyball, baseball and field hockey.
Months: August and January
Requirement: high school diploma, admission tests and be able to speak English
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We host international showcase, and individual tryout and assessment sessions year round.


Our programs work securing the future of students-athletes with the best scholarship option.


Based on your athletic and academic level, your needs, and your goals, we will place you in the right undergraduate program.