About us

We are a United States based agency that provides academic and athletic services to people with different backgrounds. We have a professional, sincere and responsible team. From our beginnings, we have worked with all ages looking to develop and strengthen intellectually, athletically and personality. During these years, we exceeded the expectations of our students, athletes and families.

Rosa María Perez

Abrie du Plooy
Athletic Counselor

Jonells Rhodes
Academic Counselor

Rita Crider
English Counselor

Adam Wood
England Agent

Nicolás Wender
Argentina Agent

Raul Sanchez
Spain Agent

Cacau Calazans
Brazil Agent

Paty Aburto
Mexico Agent

Daniel Omaña
Venezuela Agent

Milena Romero Pinzón
Colombia Agent

Richard Valenzuela
Peru Agent

Elodie Pereira
France Agent

Fran Trujillo Pérez
South Spain Agent

Tiago Neves
Arab Emirates Agent

Sonia Sanchez Ayala
Ecuador Agent

Our GOAL is to help students and athletes get scholarships to colleges, universities and sports development centers. Our MISSION is to promote education and sport, reaching the highest potential of each student-athlete. All of our work is based on our VALUES: integrity, fulfillment, honest communication and help oriented.

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